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About Me

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Terms and Conditions



Located in Burringbar shire -  N.S.W,  consulting from my little cottage with a beautiful view. Nestled in the hills of Tweed Shire Hinterland, 25 mins south of the border of N.S.W & QLD. Map located below.



Thanks Darwin. 2018 was interesting and fabulous. Email or text me your number to be on the list for 2019.


Next trip up is July 28 & 29th. reading from the beautiful IVY & BIRD studio in wollongabba.


Feb Was AWSOME! Thanks ... next trip is anticipated for August. Text or email me your details so you do not miss out.


No plans in the pipeline, looking to visit Nov - Dec. Send email through so your in the melbourne group.

If you would like to book a session with me, please call or text,

 Find details on sessions page.

 I will not email book in.

Click on the blue link above to contact me if your registering to go on a call up/mailing list for interstate travel.

 I will answer email enquiries if they are reasonable requests.


I read cards, Tarot uses me as a vessel, or messenger if you like.

I tell it how it is.

 I'm a visionary, a seer. I am able to predict, through Tarot, places, beings and events that have seemingly not yet happened, but assuredly will.

Others whom are around you past and present will talk.

Tarot is blunt, direct, assertive and cuts to the core.

 Just as it is joyful, loving, reassuring and certainly emotional.

You see, Tarot "chose me". I have an obligation because of this.

 I have integrity.

 I will not judge you,

 but I will always tell the truth.

I will always give my clients a choice should the information be challenging or emotional. Thus far, when asked, no one has ever opted not to be told.

 After all, that's why you're sitting with me, isn't it?

The only thing Tarot ever asks of the humans consulting it, is to live, and live well!

 A person who is not living is like a stagnant pond, growing darker and dirtier each day.

The world of the Occult is a fabulous one, full of wonder and mystery.

 So if you choose to meet with me in the future, I'll walk with you into the world of Tarot and all that accompanies it.

To those of you who are my valued clients........

Much love to you xx