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To Book a session please call me on

0417 016 964

In the reasonable hours of 8am - 8pm

Sessions will go for one and a half hours

$90 per session in Burringbar N.S.W , in my cottage.

Interstate travel is more, usually between $120 - $140, I have expenses when i travel.

An $80 non refundable deposit is required when i travel to secure your spot. If you do not show up to your session, you will forfeit the deposit. A refund will be offered if a cancellation is made 48 hours prior by telephone.

Sessions are by appointment only, person to person,

 sorry, no phone /skype readings ect..

 They are conducted at my private cottage, or venue (travel) 

and are absolutely confidential. I'm bound by oath !!!

The address will be given in a confirmation SMS at the time of booking.

Bookings can be made by telephone only, email enquiry is welcomed, but you must call to book in please.

All sessions are recorded onto a CD.


The Home Page explains a bit about the reading, but here it is in more detail...

You come and sit with me face to face

You shuffle the cards

I read your Tarot

The less i know about you the better

I do need to know your starsign

And that's it!

After I have dealt out 11 or 12 different spreads, then you can ask Tarot three questions.

Now....  please be real people!

 You can ask anything... however the more substance to the questions, the better the answer.

  Tarot will not answer questions that fly in the face of the information it has already given.

 And, beware...

don't make the questions too broad, like soulmates, happiness etc.

  This is where Tarot will be cheeky,  and if it feels like it, a little rude.

 After all, who says that you only have "one soulmate"  and , somewhere in your life your going to enjoy yourself and have happiness, Aren't you?

   I will always be direct, and absolutely honest with you.

I will always say what i see, hear or feel, no matter what.

The truth will always be spoken when i am relaying messgaes from those who are now soul / spirit.

  When a person fronts up to my table and wants Tarot to tell them how to live, it will not do so, but Tarot will always explain to you how you will feel and what emotions you will

experience, so that the pathways are clear for you to choose!

 Tarot will not take free choice out of your hands!

After all - it is your life.

I look forward to meeting with you

Kate xx


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Terms and Conditions