Terms & Conditions – Kate Pasz

Terms & Conditions


  • Bookings for my cottage are made by telephone only please 0417 016 964.
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent at time of booking.
  • Please notify me as soon as possible if you cannot make your session. This allows for someone else to take the spot.
  • My property is beautiful and there is a waiting area in the garden you may sit at to wait for your session.
  • People are NOT to walk around my property. This is my private home so please respect this.
  • Kate Pasz will not be held liable for any injury or damage sustained whilst you’re visiting or waiting for your session on my property.
  • Children who are newborn (less than 3 months old) are fine to sit in your session with you but children who are any older are not permitted to be in the session or to be waiting on their own on my property.
  • Please do not come to your session if you are sick. I do not want to catch your flu or virus and neither do the people who have to touch the cards after you.


  • A deposit of $80 is required to secure your session.
  • Once deposit is received then a conformation SMS will be sent to you to advise you of the details.
  • 24 hours notice is required to cancel your session, a refund will be offered.
  • If your situation is an unforeseen circumstance then please call me. I am reasonable when people are honest.
  • People who do not show up to their session will forfeit the $80 deposit.


  • I will not travel to your place to read tarot. My sessions are always conducted at my private space at home in the cottage or at my own accommodation/studio whilst traveling.
  • Tarot is a personal choice and it can be a highly emotional experience. My sessions are confidential so only one person is permitted in the session.
  • This is a private experience.
  • I do not do couples readings or any type of parties that involve alcohol.