Testimonials – Kate Pasz


Tamra McMahon from Salted Cure:
If you are ever in the Gold Coast/Byron area and want to have a bit of fun, dabble in the past and talk about the future and hear some hard truths then I highly recommend Kate. Although if you want shit to be sugar coated then probably best to steer clear of this lady and her talents because she is known for telling it exactly like she sees its and that’s all there is to it. Fkn brilliant!
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Cathy Bartlett:
I don’t know where I would start!! Kate is one of the most incredible, inspiring, real and gorgeous people i have met. She is so intuitive and full of love. She just rocks, what else can I say?

Nick Brown:
I love visiting Kate for a reading – straight to the point, you laugh you cry, you get the truth front up. Above all you have fun. Couldn’t speak a bad word about this beautiful lady and her services.

Tanya Pappin:
If you’re looking for truth and someone to hold your heart in their hands while punching you in the face with reality – this is the place for you. Her cottage provides a sanctuary for you to get raw and real. If you’re not ready for the truth, don’t go.

Kylie Mallan:
Kate Pasz is like an invigorating blast of fresh air… she is an incredibly gifted conduit of tarot and the perfect fit for those of us seeking clarity in our everyday busy lives.
Kate is passionate, genuine, frank and very direct when sharing her insight and intuition.
The gift she shares with her clients is to instinctively relay relevant information and appropriate spiritual guidance from tarot during their booking with her.
A session with Kate is empowering and one I can wholeheartedly recommend, she is a real blessing in the often clouded world we live in.

 Emily J Rooney:
I’m super discerning about who I have readings with. It’s been quite awhile too, so yesterday when I ventured into this witch cottage in Burringbar, for tarot with Kate Pasz I had no idea what was about to happen. I am still literally buzzing and mind blown from the best reading I have ever had! Best as in, clear, concise, tangible, detailed, helpful, nailed it without me sharing anything (except my star sign) and just overall fucking EPIC. So much I have known, felt, dreamt of and in dark moments doubted…was confirmed. After nearly 20 years of let’s call it ‘big stuff’, it was the sweetest surprise in many ways, to have confirmed it’s all apart of a very big and beautiful plan. I have never come away from a reading feeling so seen, understood and encouraged. Kate, I love you, thank-you so very much.
Friends, book a reading. Just do it. ASAP. It was the best investment I have made in years. Kate is truly gifted.
Oh and side note: watch this space. I haven’t just landed on my feet… I’ve landed on a rocket ship